With melodies clearly influenced by the American country- and folk tradition, Swedish singer and songwriter Elias Faivre creates songs about love and youth and life itself, often with a trace of melancholy and painfully personal lyrics .


Elias Faivre, the son of two musicians, grew up with music and started writing songs in his early teens, influenced by the heart-breaking honesty of the early American country singers and the emotional struggles of growing up in a small town. While spending the years after high school as a farm worker and traveling street musician, a set of songs took form that were recorded in 2011 together with long-time friends and musicians Samuel Johansson and William Herrlin. The release of self-titled "Emmett" was the start of Emmett as a project, and while sharing his time between his medicine studies and songwriting, a new set of songs took form and "this is emmett's new record" was released in 2014.